Motivating Your Team to Success: A Guide for Coaches

Coaches are essential in helping teams reach their full potential. Our research has revealed that trust is the foundation of a successful team, and coaches must nurture this bond by providing ongoing praise, encouragement, reinforcement, and feedback. Additionally, coaches should focus on intrinsic motivation rather than the outdated “carrot and stick” approach. The Pitchero's Sports Coach Bible '17 e-book is a great resource for coaches looking to improve their skills and succeed in training camp. Too often, coaches overtrain in an attempt to motivate their team.

Instead, coaches should share their vision and set clear goals for the team. This will give players opportunities for growth and development, and create an atmosphere where they are motivated to fight for each other on the field. Motivational coaching is the method that will help you achieve this, by identifying objectives and taking the necessary actions to reach them. For some coaches, motivation comes from participation. However, if coaches understand their athletes and what motivates them, great things can be achieved.

Wayne Goldsmith is a performance-focused professional coach with more than 25 years of experience working with some of the world's top athletes, coaches and teams. He suggests that coaches adjust their motivation if they want to remain effective, or find a program that suits their motivation. Motivation is the key to success for any athlete or sporting achievement. Motivational coaching is designed to find ways to overcome challenges when someone deepens another person's motivation for transformation. Coaches should avoid an authoritarian or hardline stance as this has been shown to have a negative effect on player performance.