Why are coaches important to kids?

A coach facilitates the constant evolution of each child in a different way, which makes their role so important. As in the field, it's a team effort, which means that parent participation and cooperation are essential. The coaches that my children keep talking about are the ones who helped them shape their lives. The rest? Well, they are forgotten in the memory of youth sports.

Coaches, they have a golden opportunity to teach leadership, compassion, strength and courage. Don't waste the time you've been given to train tomorrow's leaders and never minimize the impact you can have on the life of a young athlete. Parents, when guiding your child on the path of youth sports, be aware of youth sports coaches who accompany them in raising their children, not one that is simply occupying a place that no one wanted. For example, the parent-coach and the child are still arguing at the table about the lack of a signal during a batting shift.

For 22 years as a sports mom, I saw my three children trained by a wide variety of adults, some with little impact, others with a negative impact, and others with a lasting positive impact. What coaches say is one thing, but what coaches actually do is something much more important, since it applies to child development through sports. Your child may have trouble separating the roles of parent and coach, even if you are doing well. So why does training your child often end in conflict? Usually, this conflict is due to the parent and child's inability to separate the roles of coach and parent.

Maybe it's out of fear, out of a desire to be liked, or maybe kids are just struggling to get a starting position and want to get the coach's attention, but most kids have high regard for coaches, even if they don't necessarily respect them. In addition, she may feel isolated because her teammates may feel that she will talk to the coach, to her mother, about conversations that are only for players. The position of youth coach is not just a position that needs to be filled, it is an opportunity to impact the lives of young people and, for that reason, the position should not be taken lightly or filled with the first person to volunteer. It is regrettable that the position of youth coach is considered less worthy than that of a high school or university coach, when the reality is that these coaches are the people who help train the college and professional stars of tomorrow.

Join Coach O'Connor by practicing two basic exercises that contribute to better performance when running cross-country. It would also be an advantage if the coach were a sympathetic person who could accompany me for even an hour or so. I agree that having a coach can really become another form of emotional support for children who are sometimes abandoned at home. Being an average coach is easy, but being a true role model coach for children to benefit for the rest of their lives requires going above and beyond the call of duty.